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FTP Fling to Google Drive

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Been using Fling Plus for years.  Love it.  Been able to use the FTP auto-update setting on an FTP  "profile" to automatically upload new/revised files from a local drive up to a folder on our website server.  Works great.

Now I want to upload some local files from another local folder to a folder in our Google Drive account. Can it be done with this FLING PLUS?  And if so, what are the appropriate setting in a new routine?  I have a UN/PW to access that drive, but unsure of the other settings.

Hope you can help.


Bob Alder

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In this case, The "Plus" registration gives you a full features license to use a single installation of Fling Plus including supporting unlimited number of saved sites and importing and exporting account lists. This would be the only option available, the Plus Version can import and export account lists.


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That's good news.  But the follow on  part of the question was how to configure the destination as a Google Drive. I can log into that drive the appropriate UN/PW.  That hat URL  is the following:


However, to create new Fling+ routine(folder), It won't accept that URL in the "FTP Server" field.     How do I define the Google drive as the FTP Server destination?   Probably something simple, but..... can't figure it out.  Can you help?  

Thanks for you help.


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