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Barlines - strange behavior


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1. When I have filled up a measure and a barline is automatically set, the barline is set a very long distance to the right.   

2. When I move the set barline manually to the left, Crescendo stops setting barlines automatically.

What did I miss?  

3. I would expect Autoformat to fix these things for me, but it makes things even worse.   

These things are time consuming. Is there some setting I should change?

Best regards,

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In this case, there is some information missing to start working on this matter, for example, are you creating a general, choral, solo, or tablature score? Is this issue happening with treble, bass, or grand staves?  Would this happen if you use a different time signature or tempo?

For better support you may want to contact the NCH Software support team through this link Software Technical Support

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I only have used "Blank Treble" on the start-up page. 

4/4 and 3/4.

F, G and C major.

The strange behavior is not consistent. I cannot figure out what the "rule" is, if there is system.

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