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Hot Keys don't work with all games

Monkey Butt Gamer

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So i was tempted to buy the licence, but while testing the free version on a game running it along side OBS. So.. OBS was capturing the game play and NCH capturing the webcam separate, i set the key binds to match what i've got in OBS. And as i started up the game to run the "test" to see how it would work along side OBS, only OBS would work when i pressed the button that i set the key bind to record for both.


If it's something that you might have a look into that would be great, it'll be nice to not have to start recording NCH first then jumping into the game to start that recording to..

Thanks for you time.. :)   

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It is advisable not to use third-party overlays or programs that interact with OBS. For example, this is Nvidia Broadcast, which can seriously affect fps in games when streaming, the Se.Live application. I had such a problem when I was streaming games downloaded from www.unlockedpiratebay.com You should also understand that some games cannot be captured correctly by OBS using game capture, and this is normal. For example, in CS:GO by default runs a trusted mode that blocks various programs. If you capture CS:GO through the capture of the game in OBS, then it will not work (black screen).

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I'd like to start streaming, too. I think I would choose a very unconventional category for this and solve quizzes, as I'm sure that this way I would get some interest back in these games. We will solve different questions, and if something difficult will come across, then do not hesitate to use trusted quiz solver to finish the level. That way, if people are interested, they'll learn something new, and they'll probably want to play it themselves.

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