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  1. Unfortunately, I don't really understand the program that you use, but when I built my house and then did the design, I used this program https://planner5d.com/use/blueprint-maker. It calculates everything as accurately as possible, creates 3d/5d models of the house and you can change everything for yourself, make an attic with panoramic windows and balconies, etc. Good luck!
  2. It is the first time I hear about hardware converter, has anyone ordered something like that on aliexpress? 28$ is not that much. Video editing software would cost more.
  3. glaw5, you do the right thing not sharing this personal data on the internet so that anyone can see it. Cybersecurity is still on a low level nowadays( Of course there are some security systems that can help protect your data, like fingerprint/face recognition and they work, but not everywhere on the internet. I love reading articles about some new programs/software that are connected with security, like this one https://recfaces.com/articles/face-search.
  4. Hmmm, it doesn't seem to me a big problem. the video is interesting)) By the way, did something change after you used imovie? I hope you will again post here the results, as I am currently studying the article https://movavi.io/imovie-vs-final-cut-pro-en/ in order to understand which program is better to use imovie or final cut pro. I'm waiting for your advice.
  5. You actually could do it in any video editor, even in online one which is easier to use (the text will be by default on the video). For such cases I always use movavi they have a lot of tools for editing not only videos but audio and photo as well. You can first read their blog page about how to use any of the tools they have or even what app better to use, and after that download their software. It's worth your attention, trust me.
  6. unfortunately... no click track(
  7. Excuse me, can I ask you what kind of software have you used to do this? I always have problems when it comes to video editing. I am a beginner, however, I have already tried much software but none of them was good enough and required all the criteria that I have. I want an easy but at the same time a professional video editing program. The one where I could edit 4k videos. I don't want to buy something like DaVinci or adobe. Maybe I should use an online edit. While I was googling I found this program https://fastreel.com/ but I am afraid that it will have a watermark at the end of the video.
  8. Reinstalling the program helped me with this issue.
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