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[help] how to move stave from one part to another


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So what I curretntly got are 4 staves, each in their own part in crescendo:

see this image

but what I want to do now, is to connect 2 staves each with a bracket. from what I've read, you can do this by just having 2 staves within one part (like this). But I cannot find a way to move one of the existing staves to another part to do this.

Is there another option for me to solve this issue? or am I just overlooking a button somewhere?


Thanks in advance for the help!

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2 hours ago, Chris75 said:

Hi XileFHD, in this case, you may want to add a new staff to the part you want to have the brackets. To do that, you may go to Parts Setup in Crescendo, select the part you want to modify and add a new staff.


yea but then how can I copy the entire contents from one staff to another? 

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