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Foot pedal issue


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This is long, so bear with me.  I have used ES for many, many years without an issue.  Currently working with  Windows 10.  The program starting giving me issues. this morning  I was playing an MP4 file and after I pressed for it to rewind, the program stopped working.  Tried the usual close out, restart, still nothing.  It was telling me my foot pedal was connected and was working.  No issues with device manager, said pedal was good.  I deleted the pedal and reloaded it.  Same thing, it sees the pedal, but pedal won't work, not even play.  I tried three different foot pedals, tried different USB ports.   I uninstalled Express Scribe and reloaded, did the foot pedal wizard.  Same thing.  Unloaded any programs that might interfere with it, same thing.  Got out my MacBook out.  Downloaded the newest version of Express Scribe with a brand new license.  No other programs loaded on the MacBook except Express Scribe.  Did the foot pedal controller.  Everything was working fine for about an hour, then the same thing, hit reverse and everything quit.  I also tried playing a smaller MP4 file thinking file size was an issue, but ES did the same on the smaller file.  Any ideas?  So to sum it up, foot pedal issues, tried three different pedals, different USB ports, different computers, uninstalling and reinstalling, obviously rebooting.  In all cases, Express Scribe has recognized my foot pedal and says it is working fine.   I should add the one version I used was a 9 something and the other version of ES was 10.13.  They are both professional versions with licenses. 



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