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Is there something like "crescendo" for tempo?

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On the sheet, they are the same 8 eighth notes, but when I listened to the actual rendition of the music, it sounded to me as if the notes were getting longer and longer. That is, it was as if the overall speed was getting slower.  https://vlc.onl/ 

 I know there is (de)crescendo for velocity, and the music software did gradually mad Appvalley e the notes louder when I added a crescendo over a group of notes. Is there something like that but for tempo? I have tried fermata, but that only works for one note, so I do not think that is what I need.  Tweakbox

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Crescendo does offer an option for you to adjust the speed of specific bars on your music sheet during playback.  To adjust the speed, you just need to change the tempo mark.  To do that you may right click on the bar you want to adjust, click on Tempo mark and change the tempo assigned to the note.  Please note that this tempo mark change will affect the whole song from that point and on. 

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