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Setting keyframes but objects moves between points


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I'm a newbie to this software so take that into consideration, please.

So I'm just trying to get some text and an object to move into frame from left to right and center on the frame. I want it to hold and then move off from left to right. Simple, right? No, the points that I want to hold keep inserting positions moving the text and image back and forth like a drunken sailor. Any tips on how to do this without the Jack Daniels effect?

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Jack and I have been friends for many years and I can assure you that he is not the issue here. There is no performance quirks in play as far as I can see it for this is a simple choir for Express Animate. You might be a newbie but we all make small errors and don't realize it. First I want to make sure you have made one of the layers/objects a parent object and have the other a child. Then as the parent object moves the child will follow to the letter. Next you want to make sure that you are not the problem. When you moved the objects did it take you a few moves with the mouse to place the objects? You may have inserted many small moves that you don't know you inserted. Look on the time line, and if you see more than four positions for your objects, this is the issue. Below I have the steps you should have taken:

Create a text box with the content you want. Drag it left off screen to the starting point you want.

Create/load the object you want to follow your text. Drag it off screen and place it where you want it in relation to the text.

Use your mouse, right click on the object you want to follow the text. A window opens, select Assign Parent, select the text box that you created from the list.

Now in the parent time line, using the position "New Key" diamond button, make sure a dot appears on the timeline setting the starting point of your parent object.

Hit the play button to move to the time you want to see the parent in the middle of the screen. Hit pause when that time is reached.

Now move your parent object to the center of the screen using the right arrow key (or use the mouse to drag it). Notice how the child object moves too.

Now hit play again until the time you want the parent object to start leaving the screen and hit pause.

Even though you do not move the parent object at this point, using the parent's position "New Key" diamond button, create a new position point (key) on the time line.

Hit play again until the time you want the parent to be off screen then hit pause.

Now move your parent object right till off screen using the right arrow key. (or drag it off using the mouse)

You are all done. so go test it out.

Hit rewind and play your video from the beginning. Good job!

If you are having a hard time with my directions, and no one else has offered better guidance, reply to this post and I will make a video and post a link to it. Happy animating.

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I think there may be an issue with the software itself. I started having the same problem after my last two upgrades. It's not handling my images the way it should. I've created a few videos before with no issues,  now when I move my image on the timeline even though they are grouped together under a parent image the eyes and the arms move away from the body along the timeline. I've been trying to fix this for hours. The second to last update I did automatically resized all my images in my videos as I opened them. I like what I can do with this software but it needs a lot of work. 

Here is a sample video of what I was able to do, I just cannot move those images the way I would like, it would take too many key frames because of the issue I'm having.  https://youtu.be/_8zLUxmMnNg

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Working with the same project through all the upgrades may have corrupted my project causing objects to move incorrectly along the time line. I had to create a new project with the new upgrade and re-import all my objects into the project.  Although I had to start all over, I'm happy to say I'm now able to move my objects perfectly along the time line without any issue.

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