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  1. Sualdam, This question seems to be similar to another one ask before, except there was no need to have more than one object represent the "car'. The view of the road layout was a birds-eye-view. If this is your situation, then go take a look at "Animating a 45 and a 90 deg turn of a rectangle" in this forum. There, the same object of a car is used throughout the layout. But if you are looking to work with an orthographic projection view, that is a different animal all together. After you look at the other forum post "Animating a 45 and a 90 deg turn of a rectangle" and that is not offeri
  2. Hi Mark, Maybe I can help a little. The ROTATION feature is just like all the others. You can use it to make changes manually to an object or you can use it to, create keyframes, animate an object over time. Lets look at the buttons and numbers for that animation first. < ◇ > Rotation 0x 0.0° < is used to move the time marker to the next left established animation, keyframe, point ◇ is used to turn on or off an animation point - turn a frame into a keyframe or turn a keyframe back to a frame > is used to move the time marker to the next right established an
  3. You do know that Express Animate and real time animating are two different types of animation? But Express Animate can fake it, and do it well, functions it doesn't actually have. Real time animating is using external sensors, markers, on an object to reproduce it's movements in an app. Express Animate can simulate this by you first filming the object's moves. Then you can bring that video in to Express Animate where you can use it as a background image, like a stencil. Create the character, image, you want to follow the imported object in the video. And as you play through the video, animat
  4. When you create an image, regardless of the app and it's saved, there should be no issues. I have created images in almost every format, that Express Animate can recognize, and imported them without any issues. The only thing I can think of is the size of the image when it's created and saved vs the size of the image you are viewing. Try reducing the size of the image after you load it in to Express Animate using the size handles. If when making the image smaller sharpens the image, you know that the image creation app is not set to create an image that will display at the size you require in
  5. To avoid the hard rear slide of the object, and the slow down around sharp turns, animate the ANCHOR. Have it move rearward just before the turn, then have it recover to it's original position after the turn is completed. Then you will see a life like turn.
  6. Seems to me, if I got the question correct, you want a birds-eye view of simulating a car going down a street and make 45 degree turns and 90 degree turns. I would position the rotation key at the rear of the rectangle, not the front. In real cars the front tires direct the car about the rear wheels. And I would use the position directed from the rear as well, but only to make it easier to conceive the result. The rear wheels push a vehicle and the front is rotating about the rear. I just tried it out and it works real well.
  7. It's not all that difficult or complicated, really. I know I put up a quick and dirty video https://youtu.be/8VgsT1CddNc on this issue, but I had very little time that day. Slow down the video in YOUTUBE to half speed and pause it when you need to. Watch it a few times and you will get that AH HA moment... Keep in mind this is an animation software, not a drawing software. It's very powerful. but you can tame it to simulate lines and curve drawing, Maybe I can put together a new video next week that actually explains what is going on. Then you will understand how easy it is. Feel free
  8. You can make lines and curves. This takes just a little extra time but once you do it a few times it gets kind'a easy. And you do have the COPY and PASTE at your finger tips. I will try and step you through it. Make sure you have a clean canvas to work on and turn on the grid and snap to grid. Also adjust your canvas to 400%. All this will make life easier, but not really necessary, till you understand what you are doing. Pick custom shape and make a line about 16 cells long across the screen. It should snap to the grid nicely if you get close enough to them. Make sure you hit the
  9. Rulers vs Grids: When the finished project is set to a specified size in inches, such as a fixed canvas or sheet of paper, then laying out using a ruler is a good idea if actual distances and spaces are necessary. But when you are using a vector based animation software where everything is subjective and relationships are expressed in percent, rulers serve no purpose. When alignment is necessary a grid is used. Express Animate uses the grid, as it should, because a ruler serves no purpose beyond the grid. Express Animate even offers the ability to change the grids cell size to help in placing
  10. I do not use VideoPad, I use another program. But if VideoPad has CHROMAKEY, there should be no problem. just set your background in Express Animate to a color not used in your project. Then you can get rid of the background using the chromakey in VideoPad.
  11. Seems to me that you could make another copy of your project that contains the puppets you want to save and delete all content except the puppets. Then save your edited project under a different name. You could start all your new projects with puppets by loading the edited project you created. You will now have all the puppets all ready to go in your new project. I really don't see any issues.
  12. Wow... You must want to work for a living. Express Animate can only adjust "key" frames to match to the audio, not audio to frames. You can change the speed and amplitude(db) of the audio. You can fade in and out the audio. You can make the audio play in reverse. There are many audio effects that can be applied as well. And you can slide the track anywhere along the compositions timeline. But you can not take the audio and stretch or squeeze it between video frames. Now if I miss read your question, please respond back and I will try again.
  13. Hi there... Turn your animation into a GIF. Then your background will be transparent as an overlay. If you know how to create a GIF in Express Animate , great! If not, let me know and I will be glad to list the steps.
  14. It's a .gif that you want to create so you have to treat it as such, and that happens when you render/ create it. Just follow my instructions below and I am sure you will do just fine: On the "Home" tool bar, click on the "Save Video" button. Find the "Portable Video" listing and select it. The "Export File Settings" will open. Select the "File Format" pull down menu and select ".gif". A new Dialog will appear just to the right of your selection, the "GIF Encoding Settings". Now, there is only one selection, the one you are looking for. Check the "Looping" box and
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