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  1. Working with the same project through all the upgrades may have corrupted my project causing objects to move incorrectly along the time line. I had to create a new project with the new upgrade and re-import all my objects into the project. Although I had to start all over, I'm happy to say I'm now able to move my objects perfectly along the time line without any issue.
  2. I think there may be an issue with the software itself. I started having the same problem after my last two upgrades. It's not handling my images the way it should. I've created a few videos before with no issues, now when I move my image on the timeline even though they are grouped together under a parent image the eyes and the arms move away from the body along the timeline. I've been trying to fix this for hours. The second to last update I did automatically resized all my images in my videos as I opened them. I like what I can do with this software but it needs a lot of work. Here is a sample video of what I was able to do, I just cannot move those images the way I would like, it would take too many key frames because of the issue I'm having. https://youtu.be/_8zLUxmMnNg
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