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Watermark on Collage


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I downloaded the free, non commercial, version of PhotoPad and used it to make a quick collage of several pictures. On the screen it looked great but when I save it, it had a black "watermark" that covered large portions of the pictures on the bottom of the collage. The "watermark" included the NCH logo and the statement of non-commercial use. Does the paid version of this program also include the "watermark."

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The free version would provide you limited use of the tools and features of the program, In this case, the free version would have an NCH watermark on the files that you save. Once that you get a lifetime license or a subscription plan of the program this mark would disappear, but you would have the features to add your personal watermarks to your projects. 

You can check the price here: https://secure.nch.com.au/cgi-bin/register.exe?software=photopad

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