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Finding & Emptying the Audio Working Folder?

Simon murray

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I have just noticed that my audio working folder in the default location at library/Applicationsupport/Wavepad is taking up a crazy amount of storage on my hard drive, (circa 180GB). I used cleanmymac x to tell me this as was running out of storage.

I am going to change this location in Wavepad properties to an external hard drive (straightforward).

the question is can i empty/delete all the .aud files and others that take up this storage in the original audio working folder?

Any files that i have previously edited in Wavepad i save in a general media folder on my mac such as .mp3, .aac etc etc.

I do not need to recall there specific wave-pad data at any point for further editing etc as i have finished working with them and they are saved and used only for listening to through iTunes/Apple music etc via the import function.

If i empty this folder and free up 180GB, what am i losing other than recalling work in progress, or am i losing more than that, i.e the ability to play any files that Wavepad has previously edited, changed, saved and then its imported into an audio programme etc?

Assuming that ok to dump, then there is how to find this folder without using a specific software tool such as cleanmymac x

When i go into Libray/Applicationsupport/ there is no Wavepad folder, however when i use a trail tool like Cleanmymac X it shows the folder and contents no problems?

Appreciate your help with the attached and Thank You



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Probably the best option would be to copy the entire 180 GB folder onto an external drive -- then move the original 180 GB source folder to a different location, say, your desktop. Then try to open the project from the external drive.

If everything goes well, then it should be safe to delete the source folder saved on your computer.

If something goes bad and you can't seem to track some files and are having problems with loading the project, a couple of "undo move/copy" commands should take you back to where you started.


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