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  1. Hi, I have just noticed that my audio working folder in the default location at library/Applicationsupport/Wavepad is taking up a crazy amount of storage on my hard drive, (circa 180GB). I used cleanmymac x to tell me this as was running out of storage. I am going to change this location in Wavepad properties to an external hard drive (straightforward). the question is can i empty/delete all the .aud files and others that take up this storage in the original audio working folder? Any files that i have previously edited in Wavepad i save in a general media folder on my mac such as .mp3, .aac etc etc. I do not need to recall there specific wave-pad data at any point for further editing etc as i have finished working with them and they are saved and used only for listening to through iTunes/Apple music etc via the import function. If i empty this folder and free up 180GB, what am i losing other than recalling work in progress, or am i losing more than that, i.e the ability to play any files that Wavepad has previously edited, changed, saved and then its imported into an audio programme etc? Assuming that ok to dump, then there is how to find this folder without using a specific software tool such as cleanmymac x When i go into Libray/Applicationsupport/ there is no Wavepad folder, however when i use a trail tool like Cleanmymac X it shows the folder and contents no problems? Appreciate your help with the attached and Thank You Simon.
  2. Thank you so much, this is most useful and i do appreciate all your help Simon
  3. Hi, I have Wavepad Pro and was wondering is there a feature available that enables you to convert music files in Bulk? For example, say i had 250 x AAC files that i wanted to convert to MP3 320, is there another way to do same to avoid me opening each file individually and going through the "Save As" function in turn to convert? Appreciate any guidance or help in this respect Thank You Simon.
  4. Hi All, I am using an Audio Technica LP120 turntable and Wavepad Masters edition for vinyl ripping. In the preferences section on Wavepad on Mac, i see there is a setting for 'Recording Volume' and seen several artcilrs on line that to avoid 'clipping' you should set this to a maximum of -6db. Is that the case or appreciate any advice on this to maximise quality. Obviously looking to get the best quality vinyl rips that i can so appreciate any advice on this and any other basic things i should do with the software to ensure this either before or after recording? I dont want to get into the 'enth degree' once the file is recorded as in making changes etc to perfection but appreciate any advice on what to do as 'standard' which is quick and easy, as part of the process. Plan to save all files as Mp4 - ALAC Thank You Simon
  5. I have just tested saving the recorded file in another format, I.e MPEG 4 and it works! it seems to be a specific problem relating to saving as .mp3 and it corrupts at that point. Am I missing a plug in etc or do I need to download a Mac extension for .mp3? if the other formats appear to be working, would point to this, no? Thanks for all your help to date I do appreciate it Simon.
  6. Thank you for your help, i have download version 10.16 for mac and purchased a subscription key for the Masters edition quarterly plan. Still no joy....... Everytime i go to save the file i am getting the error message WavePad could not open the file "/Users/simonmurray/Desktop/Untitled_0.mp3" for editing­čś× As for 64 bit i cant see on the upgrade page where this is mentioned but ive download the latest version for MAC 10.16 which i assume is 64 bit unless there is another link for it? Sorry! Simon
  7. Is it a case that i need to buy an upgrade license for my mac to get rid of the issues?
  8. Hi, Already followed the above and it comes up as successfully registered. The problems however as outlined remain. If i go into the drop down menu i still have the option to register software and put in a code. Thanks Simon
  9. Hi, Love Wavepad and currently using the Masters Edition on MAC O/S Catalina. I've Just installed an update and for some reasons i'm now having problems during the saving process. Recording from a USB audio codec and everything seems fine as it was before update. The problem comes when I finish recording the file and go to save it. save as / mp3 / save......... Getting a message "wavepad could not open the file "/Users/simonmurray/Desktop/Untitled_0.mp3" for editing I've gone into the preferences and cant see too much wrong. (Have a few screenshots put cannot add to this thread). I have noticed however in preferences i keep having the option to register. When i put my code in, it takes me to the NCH site and says thanks for registering but then when i go back into Wavepad the option to register is still there?This may be nothing to do with the problem i'm experiencing etc or it could be to do with Catalina privacy controls, but then again i was using it fine on Catalina with previous version? Appreciate any help guys as to what sounds like a simple enough problem to fix. Appreciate it Simon.
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