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Animating (Moving) Masks


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I'm trying to make a masked part of an image move on top of a video layer. I only want to see the masked part of the image moving. I thought this would be a simple process but I can't seem to figure it out. This is what I started with:

Layer 2: Image (Top)

Effects: Transparency = 0%

Mask Inside = Unchecked


Layer 1: Video (Bottom or underneath Layer 2)


Now I need to figure out where to put the position or motion effect so my mask will move. I also need to scale the image to shrink it down.

Here is a link to an image to help illustrate what I'm saying: https://imgur.com/a/kXSKB7d

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The mask is independent of the image so..

  1. Place the image on video Track1
  2. Create the mask around the part of the image required and UNTICK the Mask inside box.
  3. Add a Transparency effect and set the Opacity to 0.00. Only the masked area will now be seen.
  4. Right click the Clip Preview screen and select Take a Snapshot of Clip option. The image of the masked area will now appear in the Image bin (or Image Media section of bin depending on the version of VP being used). The transparency will be retained.
  5. Delete the image clip from the timeline.
  6. Now place your video clip on Video Track 1
  7. Place the Image clip of the masked area on Video Track 2.
  8. Add the Position effect to Video Track 2 and use keyframes to animate the masked area. If you set Dual Previews in Options/Display you can check the animation effect.


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