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Filling in black areas around a 9:16 mobile image

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One common approach to this...

Place the image/video on track 1, then use SCALE or ZOOM to make it fill the screen.  Higher tracks take precedence over lower tracks.   So...

Place the original image on track 2, just above.  If it's smaller than what's on track 1, then the blurred image will show around the sides. (This is picture-in-picture.)       Or use a different image for the track 1 background.

You may need to apply the Letterbox Aspect Ratio Transform effect to track 2.  image.png

Play around with it.  The result should look something like this...  image.png

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Blur was just a suggestion, not a requirement.

Place each image/video on a different track, one above the other.

Crop, scale, position (or even mask) them so each is in a different screen area.

Take a look at the SPLIT-SCREEN effect, where images are placed in a grid.

Snapshot - 1.png

For HELP click the ? at the top-right of the VP window.  Use <ctrl-F> to search.

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