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  1. Some recorders can apparently record mobile too... some recorders can link the program to their mobile devices. Is this possible for Debut?
  2. Alright, thanks! I was playing around with it and it worked. This will help me a lot, thanks!
  3. Is it possible to add images to the sides so that it's not blurred, but I add more than one image to the screen? So like for example 1 blue flower on the left, 1 red in the middle, and 1 yellow on the right side?
  4. If I recorded something with a mobile device and wanted to edit it, is it possible for me to use VideoPad and make it so that I can make the result wider so that the sides aren't all black? Maybe like add some pictures or something to the side so that it's not plain?
  5. With Debut Video Recorder, how do I stream? I would like to stream on YouTube, but I don't know how to start the stream. On YouTube, it tells me to put the streaming key into the software, and I have no idea where it is.
  6. I'm still having issues at the moment with saving audio clips. Nat, what does VP stand for? For some reason my files are really weird, and my Users don't work. I changed the settings around a bit and now they work.
  7. When I do that, my audio doesn't save in there. I checked all the files that it could've been in.
  8. Is it possible for me to save a file with only sound on VideoPad, or do I have to use something else? I'm trying to save only the audio but it doesn't seem to work.
  9. So if I can't export in some formats, which format can I actually export then? I couldn't export as a video file...
  10. When exporting with VideoPad, I only exported 1 video and then it tells me that I have to buy VideoPad if I'd like to continue using it. Why can't I export more than one? Online, Google says that VideoPad is free, and so why can't I export?
  11. When I use the NCH Debut recorder(full version, paid) and crop out some sections of the video editor, the outcome sometimes ends up tilting up/down and recording parts that I do not want recorded. Even when I don't record and look at the video editor with the preview of what my screen would look like when recording, the editor still tilts up or down when I select a specific area to record. Can someone help me to solve this issue, or is this an error with the app? EDIT: When I move my mouse up and down before the recording and I have the Debut preview open, it looks like the screen keeps moving up and down, following my mouse if I move it up and down. EDIT #2: I found out how to fix it, sorry for the post.
  12. I was just recording minecraft and the minecraft is upside down, and when I try to edit, everything is backward and the text is flipped, the health bar and food bar is flipped, and it's confusing. Anything wrong or I can fix? There wasn't anything wrong with the colour and video thing for me. It just appeared upside down.
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