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Can't hear audio in videopad but it's there when I export it


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Okay, so I'm having an issue where I may have accidently changed a setting. My computer isn't muted, I can hear everywhere else but on vidopad, the audio is linked. Also, the audio bar is moving as I should hear, but I can't. I cannot trim and edit at all if I can't hear PLEASE HELP I NEED IT IN A FEW HOURS! Also, I have the version 8.99 if I need an older version please tell me how to download it.

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With VP open, click the loud speaker icon at the bottom right of the PC screen...next to the time. Open the Volume mixer. There will be one for VP (among others).........


If the VP slider is at the bottom (as shown here) you will hear so sound in VP although it will export as you are describing. The answer is obviously to move the slider to the top.

If it's already at the top......????????????


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