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Fix Timeline Red Cursor in the middle rather than scrolling to the right

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New user to VideoPad and liking it very much, thank you.

Is there a setting somewhere to make the timeline cursor remain in the middle of the timeline, rather than scrolling to the Right? I find when editing long sequences, I'm continually having to either drag the scroll bar to the right to bring the cursor back to the middle or change the zoom in, scroll and zoom out. 
I use Audacity for audio editing and that has this facility. 

If not then could I make it a request for a future update?

Many thanks


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2 hours ago, Nationalsolo said:

Hi Chas

I sometimes find this a bit irritating too but have learned to live with it as one of those idiosyncrasies  of VP. Make a suggestion here..




Thanks for that Nat, have submitted a suggestion.

Chas :) 

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