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Wanting to Burn my Slideshow onto a Disk and it won't?


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I had a previous earlier version of  PhotoStage Slideshow but it ended up that I could not burn my slideshow to a disk. I left for awhile and looked around for another program but decided to purchase a  current version of PhotoStage. I prepare the slideshow with audio, I went to to Export, Create, and copied onto a disk but, when I put the disk into a computer it doesn't automatically pla (it used to), so I played it through my DVD Player which works but the photos are grainey. I went back into the Slideshow and chose "Widescreen" to see if that helped stop the grainey look, but now I  am not able to burn onto a DVD.  It lets me Export and Create, but then nothing. If someone can tell me why it won't go to the burn feature and how to sort that so I can burn  it I would be most appreciative. Also can you copy onto a USB Stick from this program?



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 Also can you copy onto a USB Stick from this program? Yes, you should be able to choose the portable option on the export menu.

Regarding the other issues you are having I think it would be best for you to uninstall and install the program again and see if that helps correct the issues you are having. If not I would recommend you contact the NCH tech team for assistance here:  https://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html

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