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Roger Mallison

Roger Mallison

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 Can some tell me if there is a start up video to get this DeskFX at least passing Audio ?

i have 2 DAW's WITH PLUGINS used by some of the best recording studios in the world

once i can get the Desk FX passing audio the rest is easy Equalizer APO IS CAUSING


to get these APO's to Work ? Your correct  a Novice with twenty years of study in Digital audio !

Here is additional information from "Roger the Novice" Under Options I set the sound card I

desire to use, in this case I am using the Realtec I also have a Prism Lyra, i click Ok then when

i click on a wave file on the Desktop  Windows gives me this message............... "An audio Device

was disconnected or reconfigured Verify that the Audio is connected and then try to play the item again depending

on how i run this app I get other messages "Windows Media Player cannot perform the requested

action at this time" ..... "Desktop FX says it's waitng for the stream to start"......   there is no movement

in the metering system  "it is not passing Audio" I know the difference when the meters are moving OR

not there is an issue with the computer probably but what is it ? Last night I ran a program to fix the faults and it cost me  money to try and get these Apps working. I ADMIT THAT  I AM NOT QUALIFIED TO SOLVE THIS ISSUE WITH APO's

and all are working for me.                             

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