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Help me not to freak out pls

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Hello everyone. I'm literally freaking out, I'm trying to animate a RECTANGLE by rescaling just 1 side of the rectangle. But everytime I do it, when I press play in the animation the goddamn object doesn't rescale independently and instead both sides of the object. 

In case you're wondering, yes I already tried enabling and disabling the grey button that was supposed to allow me to rescale height and width independently. 

All I wanna get is this effect as seen in the sample text animation project from "john smith's" logo if you know what I'm talking about

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Rulers vs Grids: When the finished project is set to a specified size in inches, such as a fixed canvas or sheet of paper, then laying out using a ruler is a good idea if actual distances and spaces are necessary. But when you are using a vector based animation software where everything is subjective and relationships are expressed in percent, rulers serve no purpose. When alignment is necessary a grid is used. Express Animate uses the grid, as it should, because a ruler serves no purpose beyond the grid. Express Animate even offers the ability to change the grids cell size to help in placing objects more exact and in adjusting relative size and animation limits.  I know it can be frustrating when you are use to seeing rulers expressed in distance or expressed in pixels, and now you see a grid only. I can assure you that this will pass and the grid, along with it adjustment ability, will serve you well. 

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