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No signal using Mac OS 10.15


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I have not been able to use GR with my MacBook running 10.15 (Catalina). In the computer's sound preferences, the input is there. GR menu shows the same source as the computer preference and the menu below that has choice of front left or front right (there is no stereo????) and there is no activity to indicate sound with either option. Tried to record and there is no action in the volume bar and no sound when played back. I also have MixPad which works reasonably well, but is a bit less useful than operating GR would be. Why will that work and GR will not?

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In this case are you doing the recording from the Vinyl Option or the Cassete, what would be the recording Speed. The Sound Input Channel would be the Default. Check that you are running the latest drivers, also could be possible that the device is not compatible with  the program, what is the brand an model of the interface that you are using? 

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I am also having problems with Catalina. Yesterday downloaded the software to trial, excellent, it worked every time i used it, even after restarting my Imac, so, I paid for the software, but now it just doesn't see any audio feed.

The input on my Imac system prefs are ok, I can see the sound bar moving, so the USB audio codec is working, but when I open the Wizard or Record, here is no sound levels showing in the 'record volume calibration' in GR.

Tried to download again and put in my registration code - no effect

Any ideas guys?


Just tried Wave Pad, and this is able to record from the same input that GR is not able to.

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I just purchased GR yesterday, and I am having a similar problem with it.  I have either Channel 1 or Channel 2 for the audio choices.  It probably should pick up the audio from the computer (Mac) "Line In" sound input so you can record.  For some reason the software thinks there is either a channel 1 or 2 that the audio should come in on, but this is a Mac, not a PC?  I too am able to record using WavePad...  Line In is there to select and it works great, but I need software to transfer my 1,200 albums to digital. I don't want to babysit WavePad to break each track into a song, put them together as an album... yada yada...  Can we get some support NCH?!?!  (Or... how do I get a refund?)

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