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Foot pedal won't work with new 8.2 version


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Firstly, I didn't upgrade to version 8.2.

Now my Olympus foot pedal won't work because I have to buy the new version. I don't want to do that.

Secondly, when I try re-registering my product i get a message that the product code I have is for version 7.xx and older.

How do i get my older version of Express Scribe back?



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I am having problems all of a sudden with my foot pedal working properly in Express Scribe.  I have configured everything and the screen says the foot pedal is OKAY, but it does not.  Pedals are not working properly.  And, the voice file will keep playing even when I take my foot off the pedal.  Please advise.  I am about to lose my job because of this.

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