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Help with using Express Scribe Transcription Software and NCH Suite


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Hello. I recently downloaded Express Scribe Transcription Software from here:


And NCH Suite. The version of the Express Scribe software I downloaded was free and it's labelled on my PC as "Express Scribe Transcribe Software Pro (Unlicensed) Non-commercial home use only". NCH Suite was additional free software that was downloaded when I downloaded Express Scribe Transcribe Software Pro to my PC.

Was "Non-commercial home use only" the right option to pick since I am using the software for free?

I also downloaded all the free Express Scribe Transcription Files from https://www.nch.com.au/scribe/practice.html - all the audio files and completed transcription files. How do I add these files to Express Scribe Transcribe Software Pro and load them?

What's the function and purpose of NCH Suite?

I am still trying to familiarize myself with both pieces of software.

Please help- thank you.

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Have in mind that Express Scribe is a professional audio player software for PC  designed to help transcribe audio recordings. On the request above you talk about 2 programs but you are referring just to Express Scribe. The free version is supposed to show as "Unlicensed", that's normal, please referred to the users manual located on the top right corner, is the blue question mark icon.



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Hello Tech Support. Thank you for answering.

No, I also asked, "What's the function and purpose of NCH Suite?"

I am using Express Scribe Transcribe Software Pro.

Where is the question mark icon that links to the manual in the window for the program you're referring to? I do not see a question mark icon in the upper right hand corner of the window.


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Okay. How do I add the transcription files- the audio files and completed transcription files- I downloaded to Express Scribe Transcribe Software Pro?

Also, when I click on the icon on my PC to NCH Suite, the window pops up with a page under the "Dictation" tab. Under "Dictation" there's text that reads:

"Express Dictate Dictation Software

Digital dictation software to record and send dictation for transcription directly from your computer, or dock and send dictation from a portable device." 

and next to this text on the far right is a green tab that says "Open App".

Under this there's text that says:

"FastFox Typing Expander

Use this text expansion software to create keyboard shortcuts that will expand to an entire word, sentence, paragraph or document. A useful time saving tool."

and next to this is an green tab that says "Open App".

Do I need these programs?

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Hi. I figured out how to add the Express Scribe practice transcription audio files, which I downloaded off this site, to Express Scribe, and listen to them. Where do I go from here? How and where do I get the transcription work done? 

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