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Rodeny Decker

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I printed both images on memorex disc full face A4 template the first time,,, Now it only will print one,,, the top one first and when i try again it prints the next one on the bottom of the page,,, Does anybody have any idea what im doing wrong,,,Thanks for yer time,, Rod

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Can you try adjusting the position of the second one, after you select  the ¨Memorex disc full face A4¨ template look at the menu on the right where you have the ¨Background Properties¨  below it you will have ¨Label Layout Properties¨ please expand this option and click on the ¨Edit label layout¨ button, a window will pop-up just click on ¨OK¨  you will now see that one of the disc layouts is blue, iff you click on it and hold you will be able to drag it around to change its position. You also have the ¨Portrait¨ and ¨Landscape¨ buttons on the menu to the right in case you need to change that option as well.

If this is not what you need please provide more information on the result you are looking for so we can guide you better. You also the option to contact NCH Support using the link below to see if they have better instructions.


Good luck!

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