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Latest version issue

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So it seems I am not the only one with this issue, The short answer is that the current version is being too clever. It tells me that I have to have the letterbox like it or not. Everything I shoot I do in 4k yet the program overides. Borate has been extremely patient with me and offered several fixes but non have worked. 

I have found my own solution now thank goodness but would rather just have the version prior to this silly piece of 'Cleverness' 

Even when one goes to the old version and downloads it still tries to force the feature when on the screen it isn't there. 

I have pleaded to have the old version and simply be left alone with it which would enable me to continue using what I had become familiar with. Deaf ears alas her no cries of desperation. 

I don't want a solution that asks me to select 1080.. !

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What was seen in your "new" version was not letterboxed.  It was squeezed horizontally, which has not been the case here.  A letterbox has black bands on the top and bottom.  Had it been letterboxed, it would have looked like the image below - adding those bands above and below the video, but retaining the correct aspect ratio

As suggested earlier, please upload the finished project from the timeline - the one that exports incorrectly - link it here and someone will test it.  Or link it in a PM to me.   http://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/23659-tips-for-getting-help-on-this-forum/   This should be relatively quick as it's a short production with a continuous shot.

You can run an older VP version, but one that was released only within six-months of purchase can be registered with the original code.  Those released later require an update fee.   Older versions are available at http://OLDVERSIONDOWNLOAD.COM

Of course, always back up your project and retain the original installer file.   The latest VP version is here.  Your completed project is still available at the link listed earlier.


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The fact is that I decided to repurchase the whole package and start afresh so, I duly did this and nothing but disaster ensued. 

Frankly I would settle for the old version without asking for a refund but what I want is not available. 

All I want is a version that doesn't keep telling me it needs a update and trying to charge me for it.

The fact that my issue is not being understood and I acknowledge that the proposed solution fails to register with me  has caused an impasse.

Thus I would like my money back now. 

I forgo the mean policy of the so called Platinum support is clearly non refundable. 

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'Letter box' or 'Crop and Zoom' options are available when output aspect ratio is different to input aspect ratio. One of the options must be selected in order to convert aspect ratio.

In the new version we integrated this option into the export dialog. In the old version there was a popup dialog which users complained that's confusing.

The auto-match feature is just a suggestion and users can always select target resolution regardless the auto-match result. If you think this feature is not working in the way you want please suggest how it should work.

We issue free upgrade license to users whom gave us good advice or helped us fix bugs. Upgraded key will be send to the user when the suggestion or bug fixing is applied to the new version.

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