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FYI: Version 8 broke several key features

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I'm so tired of how much money I give these people for increasingly buggy and featureless software with zero customer service.

I was experiencing a bug with the second to last version where sound would suddenly start playing in only one ear. I confirmed that this was an ES issue rather than an equipment one. I submitted a bug report and was advised through a form letter to update to version 8, which I did.

Version 8 broke "copy time," a feature that saves me a lot of time. I have it programmed correctly and it doesn't copy the time.

Very likely related to that is that "copy/paste" into the notes field is now disabled! This has completely interrupted my workflow. I use that field to input the due date for jobs (since the actual due date column has never worked) so I can sort by priority. I also put in all job info so I don't have to refer back to emails and keep things in one place. And I can't even copy the name of the audio file to paste it into the "save as" field for my documents.

And I still have the audio in one ear bug.

Is there a Mac software developer out there interested in taking us under their wing and creating for us a truly professional-grade transcription app that lets us type into Word while controlling the audio with a foot pedal? I'll invest what I can into the project!

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On 2/18/2019 at 2:38 AM, djb21au said:

Not being able to paste into the Notes field is a pretty basic flaw. At my end I can see copy time under Notes > Copy to Clipboard > Time (Cmd + T)

My problem is incredibly noisy audio when importing otherwise perfectly clean M4A files.

Just installed version 8 and having the same problem with m4a files.

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It seems the last few versions of the program will only allow you to actually copy the time stamp to the clipboard, you will then need to press ¨Command + V ¨ to actually paste the timestamp.

Regarding the issues you guys are having with the M4A files I will recommend you create a support ticket for NCH Technical support and see if they can assist you with that. You can create the ticket here:




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