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Stamped WMA won't play in car radio


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I am creating a new CD of original songs, on a pc, and when burning them to a CD all that shows is Track 1, Track 2, etc. But it plays!

After using STAMP the directory structure of the CD is changed to Music - Album Name (I assume) - then the songs are listed.

This structure will only play on the computer but not in the car's radio

Can this be changed? Or is there a workaround?



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STAMP should only change the Metadata it should not affect at all the integrity of the audio file, does it happen with all discs you change? Or only one? Try again and if the issue persists I would recommend you contact NCH Software Tech support and see if they can assist you with this.

You can create a support ticket here:




Good Luck!

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I found that what happens is the directory structure is changed. Stamp adds a directory named 'music' then the songs are beneath that. Car stereos cannot locate the files this way. NCH says you have to have Express Burn in order to burn Audio CD's...so I purchased Express Burn and the directory structure is ok now BUT NO METADATA! Seems like a way for NCH to get you to spend $70 for two programs that don't do what you expect them to do.

There has also been a topic opened on this Metadata issue with no response from NCH


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