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How to import the DAT invoice files or convert to CSV?

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I have a problem on Express Accounts , that should be easy to fix, but it's not. My computer crashed, and the ledger in my books was messed up. I have the DAT files of my invoices for the last two months, and a correct back up of all my data for a date two months back. It should be easy to import the later invoices to the old data set and continue from there, but I  can't find a way to do it. If I could export the invoices to csv, and re-import them on the old data set, that would work too. Has anybody any idea?

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Did you create a back up folder from the ¨back up data¨  feature on Express Accounts? If you did then all you need to do is go to ¨Tools¨ on Express Accounts and select to ¨Restore Data¨ you will be asked from where to restore so just look for the back up folder you had created and restore. If you did not create a back up of your data using this feature then it would be very difficult for you to get that data back on your Express Accounts. 

I would suggest you contact NCH Technical Support to see if they can suggest anything else. 

Good Luck!

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