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The MP3 and WAV audio format is not supported!!!


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I bought the Express Scribe Pro several months ago, and I used it for once and it was successful. 

After the first use, I didn't use it for a month and today I tried to load the file but it didn't work. 

I checked the technical supports in the homepage and I tried to convert a file to WAV, MP3 format but every time I tried to load the file, it failed to load the audio file. Ant the bottom of the program, there is the warning message "The format is not supported." 

I check the file format is right MPEG-3 but there is nothing wrong. 

I'm seriously confused because I used the MPEG-3 file with Express Scribe right after purchasing and there wasn't any problem to load the file.

What am I supposed to do? 




And now it suddenly loaded mp3 file but the duration is slightly different with the original file. 

And it doesn't load other mp3 files!!!!!! 

What is the matter? 

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