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  1. I bought the Express Scribe Pro several months ago, and I used it for once and it was successful. After the first use, I didn't use it for a month and today I tried to load the file but it didn't work. I checked the technical supports in the homepage and I tried to convert a file to WAV, MP3 format but every time I tried to load the file, it failed to load the audio file. Ant the bottom of the program, there is the warning message "The format is not supported." I check the file format is right MPEG-3 but there is nothing wrong. I'm seriously confused because I used the MPEG-3 file with Express Scribe right after purchasing and there wasn't any problem to load the file. What am I supposed to do? -------- And now it suddenly loaded mp3 file but the duration is slightly different with the original file. And it doesn't load other mp3 files!!!!!! What is the matter?
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