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Mrs Doris Graham


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I am using Dispatch to print DVD labels for my DVD.  There are two labels on the same  sheet. It want print on either label.  I tried printing  label for DVD and case, no luck, I tried selecting stationery, no luck, and tried to load custom, but no luck.  When  I first started,  It printed one single label  on the sheet of two.   When I select label layout it shows on screen two labels, but nothing prints. HELP please

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Do you get any error messages when you try to print? Are you able to print anything else with your printer (just to make sure it is not a printer issue)? If you are able to print other documents then I would recommend you uninstall Disketch and install it again to see if that makes a difference. If after you reinstall the program still does not allow you to print I will recommend you create a ticket for NCH technical support for them to help you figure out what it going on.


You can create the ticket here:



Good luck!

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