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Changing multiple files

Richard ODonnell

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Hello, when you are using the tag %Category% the program will try renaming the files using the category information on the files data, and if there is no category information to create unique file names the program will not convert the file names.  If you try other tags like %Title% or %Track% you should be able to see the difference.  In case you are sure the files you are trying to convert do have information for category then please contact NCH Software support for further assistance. You may create a support request here http://nch.com.au/support/supportcontact.html

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I have used Stamp since an early versión and the current does not handle the %track% keyword correctly. I have opened a case in support but no luck. Is there any turnaround that you know for this?. The %track% keyword is supposed to take the track information field and replace the keyword, but instead puts the tag (%tarck00%) incrementing it as if it was part of a loop. I can't go back to the versión that works because does not support Win10.

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