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What is the best way to bring sales made in copper to Express accounts?


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Please be aware, Copper and Express Accounts do not integrate...

As a workaround, you can use the Report > Transactions report(from Copper) > save the report as a .CSV file, and then import the transactions on Express Accounts. 

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if i may suggest :

for example today you earn sales 100 dollar, and the shipping are 20 dollar as input in copper


then what you have to do in express account is clicking receive a payment and put : 100 dollar sales and also 20 dollar freight collected.. and it will appear in your journal..

i would suggest that in your xpress acc you dont have to think about inventory stock.. 

i use those 3 nch apps as follow :

- inventoria as stock management. 

- exp account as accounting software.

- copper to input daily sales 

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