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  1. I was really hoping this software would work for me. I own a small ATV/motorcycle parts and repair business. I needed 3 things a POS solution (copper) a inventory management solution (Inventoria) and lastly a decent accounting system...ah Express Accounting....Copper works well but one major problem...It does not post transactions "sales" to EA. why would this not be a feature?? I read everything I could find on it prior to purchasing the stuff and it did not say it would not, but did not say directly that it did, but left that impression. Inventora seems to be a good app. Easy to use, lo
  2. there is a "import from Ei" in EA on the list on the left...but beware it wiped my whole EA system out. I am not happy at all with this system. it cleared all payments, invoices and even wiped my journal without even a warning. I have been so pissed I have not even tried to redo anything. the only software that links together is inventoria stock levels and respective individual software. so to be clear invoices/sales created in Ei, Copper POS, will not "Auto" post into EA. except what is mentioned above upon payment. It would be my suggestion to allow restricted web access to EA (invoicin
  3. Thank you for the reply, I really wish I would of know that prior to purchasing the software. I was under the impression from everything I read that it did. Thanks again
  4. What is the best way to bring sales made in copper into Express accounts? Please reply on what you do if you use both programs Thank you
  5. Does copper auto update sales to express accounts? if so how do I set this? Copper, EA, Inventoria all synced through Inventoria. Also have express invoice installed (and Synced) and it is not putting invoices (sales) into Express Accounts either. It does remove from items from inventoria but no sales are recorded in any other program other than the one it was created in. Any help would be appreciated. Update I found the "import from express invoice" option so that is solved. Figured it would be auto. Now need the copper sales to post to express accounts Thank you
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