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"Unable to detect audio stream" yet plays back mic, but without effect

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Using my Turtle Beach PX22 mic the audio levels aren't moving and when previewing it says "Voxal is unable to detect an audio stream" yet it still pick up my mic and plays it back in the preview just without any effect added.


I have ensured that all the right devices are selected, updated my drivers, restarted. Nothing seems to fix this issue.


I see that USB headsets have been an issue on XP, is that still the case in Windows 10, and if so could that be the issue?

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Voxel does not work with my Logitech blah blah I don't know what fricking model it is...seriously guys...I just dropped $25 dollars on a program that is not compatible with LOGITECH devices? Exactly what brand of microphone is Voxel compatible with? Anything?

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