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Sound Tap Problems

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Hello this is my first time using the software i had used it i believe one other time i just bought the software today but i downloaded it and switch the input device and hit start recording but it just said waiting for an audio stream to record and it wont start the recording what am i doing wrong

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Hello, You may want to confirm that you have selected the right device to record from when using Soundtap. To confirm which device is selected you may go to Options or Preferences (if you are using Mac), then under devices select which microphone you would use to record. If you want to record the audio that is playing through your speakers then you may want to confirm you have enable the Stereo Mix (Windows Only). If you have a Mac computer then you may want to check with Apple support for a similar option to Stereo Mix on Mac OSX. Also, you may want to start the media player first and then launch Soundtap to start the recording.

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