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When exporting, parts of the video dissappear


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Sometimes when I export a video (whether or not as file, to burn, different file types, etc.) parts of the video disappear or just don't happen. Some Examples:


*I have a semi transparent object rotating but in the exported video it starts rotating then stops almost immediately


*I have 3 different video clips that start for a 1/4 second then disappear. They are the same file type(.MOV and .mov) and about the same average length and file size as other video clips in this. They also share the same transitions. these clips were shot using the same phone/camera as other clips that have worked. There is a total of 17 video clips plus many other images in a "slide show"


The finished video is about 14 minutes and 500MB.


Any ideas? I have no clue as to what the issue may be...


Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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I am using the newest one(just re-downloaded to try several hours ago. I am PMing you the project and media files and my resultant export. The problems occur at 1:30 7:53 and 10:02.


at 1:30 the symbol is supposed to spin but doesn't, and the other times the video clip disappears...

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The bug has been fixed and will be included in the next release. We'll contact you for a free upgrade for the release.


The problems (can't rotate, color massed up etc.) were caused by two clips next to each that both used hardware accelerated effects. So it can be avoided by move the second clip on to a separated track (workaround for now).


Thank you again for reporting the issue and uploading the files!

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