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  1. Hello! I had received an installation code 2 years ago that I was successfully able to follow the steps with the code to get VideoPad fully functional on my computer. However, due to a recent reinstall, I need to reregister my software to get access and I'm having issues with it. I DID save the proper reinstall software as a backup so I know I have to correct version installed. However, apparently the code I saved in a word document was the "license serial number" that originally was used to get the key (it is 13 digit long code of only numbers) that when I tried to again "validate" at th
  2. I am using the newest one(just re-downloaded to try several hours ago. I am PMing you the project and media files and my resultant export. The problems occur at 1:30 7:53 and 10:02. at 1:30 the symbol is supposed to spin but doesn't, and the other times the video clip disappears...
  3. Hello! Sometimes when I export a video (whether or not as file, to burn, different file types, etc.) parts of the video disappear or just don't happen. Some Examples: *I have a semi transparent object rotating but in the exported video it starts rotating then stops almost immediately *I have 3 different video clips that start for a 1/4 second then disappear. They are the same file type(.MOV and .mov) and about the same average length and file size as other video clips in this. They also share the same transitions. these clips were shot using the same phone/camera as other clips tha
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