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Support for 50Gb, 100 GB Blu-ray discs?


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Does Express Burn (Macintosh) support multi-layer blu-ray discs?


Recently, Millenniata released two- and four-layer versions of their popular M-disc blu-ray blank storage media


http://www.amazon.co...im m-disc 100gb


I really would like to store large movie data files on the 4-layer 100 Gb BDXL discs.

However, before I try this, I'd like to know that this has been tested (that this will work) as the 4-layer discs are $25 per blank disc (whew!).


Has anyone tested this? NCH?



A single-layer blu-ray disc holds 25 Gb.

A dual-layer (2 layer) blu-ray disc holds 50 Gb.

A quad-layer (4 layer) blu-ray disc holds 100 Gb (BDXL)

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Thanks. I'll buy a few of the $10 100Gb BDXL discs to try.


If they work, then I'll go on to try one of the $25 Mdisc 100Gb BDXL discs.


I'll get back to you how this works out.


please do come back and let us know! thanks for giving it a shot...

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On 9/1/2015 at 8:11 PM, N_C_H_josh said:

Express Burn should support dual and quad layer discs if your hardware does, but we haven't specifically tested it with those types of discs.

Do you know the answer to this now? I have both 25 and 50 GB discs, and need to know if this software supports both. Thank you!

If anyone else knows, please respond.

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Hi guys,

using Verbatim Blu-ray Slimline burner and Verbatim disks (both 25 and 50GB). 

When Data disk to be created, the SW always recognises the disk as 25 (even if it is 50GB).
Can you pls advice what to do to use entire (dual, potentially quad) capacity?

Thanks a lot! Pavel

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Using the same disc drive, I have Verbatim BD-R DL 50GB disks. If i use Express Burn Plus CD + DVD + Blu-ray Authoring program It say disc size is 25GB. If I use my Roxio  Creator program it tells me there is 45.1GB free space. I've also tried a second disc burner with the same results.

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