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E.I and Inventoria

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I am trying to synchronize Inventoria with Express invoice and for some reason I cannot get it to work. I pick my access code in Inventoria, then enter the address in express invoice, choose port 1097 and it will not connect. I don't need web access as both programs are on the same machine, which is a MAC. any help?

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It sounds like you've followed the instructions at http://www.nchsoftwa...ry/kb/1289.html, so I'd recommend contact technical support by opening at ticket at http://www.nch.com.a...ortcontact.html


So far they've been no help. I had it connected the last couple days but getting the synchro error about quantity where EI won't update the quantity in Inventoria and now they won't connect at all, with a "server failed to respond to connection attempt" error.


this is getting very frustrating as this is the only reason I bought the software and it can't function the way I need it to. I really hope I didn't waste a couple hundred dollars.

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I am still having problems with this...... I finally had both programs running smoothly for a year or two then started seeing crash problems following Yosemite upgrade then El Capitan computer crash's where every single invoice. Upgraded both E.I. and inventory. Now E.I. will not update quantities in inventory once an invoice is created, it updates the stock in E.I. but no communication with inventory.


communication is working between inventory and E.I. because I can go to E.I. / preferences / inventory / update now and that works just doesn't update back to inventory


Mac version 10.11.3

Inventoria 3.66

Express Invoice 4.45

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