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Free Trial Only?


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I have had the same problem.

Been using Moneyline free for years. Had a new hard drive on the computer and downloaded the 'free' version. After 3 days it stopped working and asked for payment for a licence. Have been in touch with NCH and they have been very helpful, sent me a link, but that hasn't solved the problem. Uninstalled and downloaded yesterday and it was fine, but this morning it asked me to pay for a licence and stopped working. The free version will not download now, even with the link.

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From my experience once the free version blocks and asks you to pay, even if you uninstall and install again it will eventually block again and will keep asking you to pay. This happens if the version installed is the demo version or if you have the free version and are prompted to confirm it is for home non-commercial use but you close the message or select that it is for commercial use.

Good luck!

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