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is there a way to adjust the space in between the staffs example I need 12 lines to fit on a page I have to adjust the staff size to be able to do this ..then it becomes to small for reading while the space in between the is too large example I have some sheets 12 lines on a page each staff measures 10 mm wide ..on the one I made 12 lines, the staffs are 5mm wide, the space in between each staff is 15mm as compared to my sheet 8mm spacing


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Guest Alex Chapman

Hi Pat,


We don't yet have a way to adjust staff spacing, but it is a planned feature. Currently staff spacing is proportional to staff size.



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I found a way. I right click in a blank area of a staff (this works with a new staff as well as one where notes and words are already entered). A menu pops up. Select Spacing. The default is 0.94 inches. I reduced it to .5 inches on one project, and .8 on another. Works great. Thanks!

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