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  1. is there a way to adjust the space in between the staffs example I need 12 lines to fit on a page I have to adjust the staff size to be able to do this ..then it becomes to small for reading while the space in between the is too large example I have some sheets 12 lines on a page each staff measures 10 mm wide ..on the one I made 12 lines, the staffs are 5mm wide, the space in between each staff is 15mm as compared to my sheet 8mm spacing thanks!
  2. when I punch in 4 eighth notes it groups them as two groups of (2) 8th notes each..... instead of one group of (4) 8th notes
  3. figured out you can use the capitol letters and the small 'b' and the 'hash tag sign#...Eb, E#, Ab, A#, Db7, D#9, Bbm7 BbM7, Gbm6 and so on...
  4. I just use capitols and small letter 'b' and the hash tag sign Ab, A# Bb, B#, Db, D# ..........
  5. I'll give it a try a little later thanks
  6. thanks again Alex ..yes if you could 'hide' the column it would give more room on the 'screen'
  7. Hi Alex, thanks for the help. Here is a video showing the 'problem' see if you can help me any thanks again! Pat http://vimeo.com/91343380
  8. thanks!...right now if I highlight the first note of a randomly selected measure it only plays that measure then stops any help with that? also is there a way to hide the column on the right hand side thanks again!
  9. hello all!..I have a single line melody I wrote in treble clef and want to transpose it to bass clef... when I changed the clef and transposed it down 24 semi tones my nice and neatly spaced measures changed... example I had 4 measures on a line... the second line only had one measure and took up the whole line when I transposed he chart now the chart looks a mess ..any suggestions? thanks! auto format is not helping any either..
  10. I went to the link as I need to add flats/sharps to the chords symbols too...how do you use the link? thanks!
  11. I wrote a chart with repeats when I play back it does not play the repeats is there a way to loop or keep playing the chart as written with the repeats.. right now it plays the chart and stops thanks ..I think I'm going to be able to use this software thanks!
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