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Grace notes?


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Hi, I am using an update, I guess, because I was able to create a grace note merely by right-clicking on the note and selecting "grace note." However, when I clicked "Play," the grace note was not played. Every note was played by the program except the grace note. Another little problem is that the spacing between the grace note and any symbols like accidentals or naturals for it and its attached note is too tight. That is, the accidentals are not miniaturized along with the grace notes. It seems that the grace note function was designed only for grace notes not needing any accidentals or for the notes that they adorn, if they have accidentals.

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Hi AaronA,

Currently grace notes are not sounded when playing back, but this will shortly be added.


As for the layout issues you're experiencing, I will ask someone to have a look at this to see how it can be improved.



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One trick of using grace notes: I found that they can only be added after you already have a "full" measure of music entered (all beats accounted for with notes and rests). If you try to add a grace note before this, the "grace note" entry will appear on the dropdown menu, but it will be greyed out.

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