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"Widescreen TV" format won't burn to disc


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Hi, folks. Really wondering whether I should bother with VP anymore. I'm using 2.41 cuz I like it better than 3.0, but when I save a movie in "Widescreen TV" format, the resulting file, for some inexplicable reason, won't burn to DVD. (I typically use Windows DVD Maker for burning, which ordinarily gives me no problems.) I like the "Widescreen TV" setting because it seems to eliminate problems that crop up with other formats--but other formats are able to burn. Why wouldn't this format burn...?




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In VP 2.41 and assuming your edited video is 16:9 format then save to your PC with the preset at either HD 720 or HD 1080. (It's the same AR)

Click the Encoder Option button and select MPEG4 (Native) with MP3 (Native) 44100 Hz stereo sound

This will save your video in widescreen that will play OK. (Does with me).


Save to the PC first and use WDVD maker to create your DVD.I have found that VP DVD generation sometimes never stops and has to be aborted giving the message that the film wasn't saved. Inspection of the DVD in fact shows that it has. Seems to happen with version 3.04 though.

In practice however I use DVDStyler to generate my discs. The Sothink DVD creator is also quite good but the free version pops an advert for the product at the start of each video.



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