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Converting 3D Video to 2D.


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Several months ago I recorded a video in 3D with a JVC Professional grade camera. I was advised to is Video Pad to download and edit. I was able to download but cannot figure out how to convert from 3D to 2D. I have since recorded only in 2D. Is there hope for the 3D?

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What is the type of 3D...I mean, how are the L/R images displayed? Are they interleaved images or L/R shutter type images (frames)?

My experience has only been mostly with anaglyphs and L/R polarised slides and although I can easily produce slideshows of pre-made Red/Cyan anaglyph images, I can't see how VP is used in respect of its 3D settings. There is no info apparently available and a previous query drew no response.



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