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V3.02 keeps crashing!

Joy P

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I have been working on my project, which is quite a long movie, and was prompted to download V 3.02. It now keeps crashing. Can I go back to a previous version? I'm trying to delete unwanted tracks from the timeline, and each time I re-launch I find that the version that appears is from before I did all the work. I've wasted hours! Help!

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Provided you have kept the Setup file for version 2.41 on your PC (or memory stick) then you can revert back to this version, although, as I understand it (as I have not tried it) a project (.vpj file) saved from version 3.0/01 will not load into version 2.41.


Just remove all the NCH folders that refer to Videopad (or use the deinstallation program) and then re-run the setup.exe file for version 2.41.


If you haven't kept the original compressed setup.exe file then you will have to re download it. (save it...don't just execute it)


It should be OK as I have done this several times.



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