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Could not open ([source file].f4v)


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I have many times opened .f4v files in VideoPad but this most recent one won't open. I CAN view the file using VLC. VideoPad takes considerable time trying to load the file. It's a long one - about a 3-hour town meeting, although others I have processed have even been longer. I need to convert it to flv and wmv (for later edit with WavePad to extract the sound and store as mp3).


I have copied the file and had the same results on the copy.


Since I can read it fine using VLC I conclude that there's something wrong at the very end. The person recording it - using Adobe media recorder - may have shut the recording process down wrong somehow - although I can't imagine how unless he closed the program without stopping the recording/streaming.


I have tried re-recording with various means (CamStudio, Adobe) but haven't been able to get a good combination of video and sound. The only success, if you'd call it that - is using a camera on the screen and a microphone on the speakers!


I'd sure like to know of a way to get WavePad to accept the file or to copy the file. If anyone wants to look at the file and monkey with it it's at http://deweytown.us/TownMeeting_20121013.f4v

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The fie is compressed with H.264


These files have been processed satisfactorily for some time - it's just this one which fails.


I know NCH has done an extensive revision of Videopad, I suspect something was broken.


The time between my posting and any response was so long that I figured it was a lost cause and hence I deleted the file from the site.

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