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Making overlays full screen


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This is my first time posting here, I just switched from the free trial to the (basic, home) paid version of videopad.

I have some video footage of a lecture, and sometimes the camera switches to a still image of a powerpoint while the lecturer is speaking. I wanted to add some arrows, highlight areas, etc. to the powerpoint, so I took a snapshot, made some additions on photoshop, and put the images on again as overlays.

I centered the overlays (so there are no margins to adjust) and dragged the size bar to the maximum, so that it appears to cover the whole frame. However, when I save the movie (I've tried avi and mp4 already) the overlay is smaller than the initial image (it takes up about 80% of the screen) and you can see the top and bottom of the full size covered up image sticking out on the top and bottom. It looks terrible.


How can I make an overlay full screen? I want it to be the same size as the image that it covers up (as it is just a snapshot of that same image created on videopad with some new photoshop highlights). Please help me on this-- it shouldnt be a difficult thing, and I'm sure that videopad made a way for the overlays to work better that I just haven't found yet.


Thank you for your help!


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The image that you use for your overlay must have the same height-width ratio as your video frame. For HD this is usually 16:9. ( 1:1.777 ) So if you create your image or alter an imported photo in a third party graphics programe use 1280 pixels x 720 pixels (or 1920 x 1080...... or multiples of this) for your final image size. This will then enlarge up on the overlay to correctly cover the image on the sequence line.


As the overlay enlarges it stops when either the sides or top/bottom reach the frame border - whichever happens first. As you seem to have ther width OK and there is still the top and bottom visible, it suggests your overlay image is too wide.


This can also happen if your video is, say, an old TV copy or an 8mm film copy which have different formats. (1.25 or 1.33) in this case the 16:9 ratio of you overlay will be proprtionatly wider that the sequence image so leaving the top and bottom uncovered.


If you are using a photo from the video it should be the same as the sequence and have the correct ratio, but it may be getting altered in photoshop. So just to make sure, use photoshop to make it bit larger and if necessary crop it to the correct ratio before you add your details.


Does it happen when you simply take a frame (camera button) from your video and drag it onto the overlay track, centre and enlarge it to maximum?.....This normally covers the sequence fully with no problems.



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Hi Nat,

This is very helpful, thanks, I'll look into the sizing to see if I want my final version to be 16:9 and 4:3.

I haven't remade the video yet, but I hope this works. The odd thing is that it always looks ok within the videopad software-- it covers the full screen nicely. its only once I create a video file that things start to look weird. So the cropping process happens a bit later on.

Anyway, thanks for the help! I'll write back here if the problem continues.

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